A friend of mine just reminded me of a wise shift of perspective that is pretty helpful. Each of us encounters much adversity each week. We see those challenges as an annoyance, but the truth is they may be just what we need. As the zen masters would say, if befuddling teachers didn’t exist, we’d have to go out and find them. It is a true challenge to maintain composure in the face of absurdity (including the absurdity of someone stating a belief – – political or otherwise – – that we find positively abhorrent and incomprehensible).

It really does all seem to boil down to compassion. And finding it within ourselves in order to inspire it in others. It’s a daily struggle. Our instinct is to teach a lesson. But the fact is that those difficult people and situations ARE the lesson.

Oh to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” . . . It appears we spend much of our lives firmly believing we are the teacher when, in fact, we are the student. I struggle with this as much as the next person.

This really reminds me of the INCREDIBLE story in this 2 minute clip with Jeff Bridges… A lesson we all keep having to relearn. Life often gives you just want you need. This 2 minute clip may contain the secret of life. . . https://clearblueskyoutwest.com/2017/08/15/have-you-ever-really-listened-to-the-story-of-the-fisher-king-this-2-minute-clip-may-contain-the-secret-of-life/

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