Princeton University proves that our members of Congress are only representing the interests of a few.

(Please see two short videos below.  They’re very sharp and you’ll be surprised how crisply they define our problem and a potential solution — one that 500,000 people are already working on).

As it stands, Congress does not represent the interest of most of the people in this country.   Members of Congress really only represent corporations and the wealthy.  Princeton University now has the data to prove it (as shown in 1st short video clip below).

So many of the issues we face today (inequality, loss of good jobs, poverty, decline of the middle class, pollution and climate change) have their roots in this ONE problem.  Because of legalized corruption, only the interests of a few are being served at the expense of the many.  Those with enormous resources are paying to have the playing field systematically tilted in their favor so most of the marbles roll into a few pockets.

Solving this one root problem of corruption could save us a lot of time and energy fighting its symptoms.  It’s better to pull weeds than trim them every week. has gathered a growing base of support (currently numbering over 500,000) to fight the political corruption that is fueling this lack of representation.  When we discuss corruption, we need to keep in mind that we’re not talking about illegal activity.  That’s the problem:  In the U.S., corruption is legal (as you’ll see in the short video clips below). has a way to fix that corruption.

These videos are short, intriguing and explain things well in a clear & concise way that is highly shareable.  Please spread the word on social media etc. if you are so inclined.


Part I (5 minute video clip) lays out the problem in detail:


Part II (5 minute video clip) shows a solution that already has the support of over 500,000 people. Both Republican and Democratic citizens are working on this:


And is ORGANIZING a grassroots effort which is key.   This isn’t just some videos.   Over 500,000 people have already gathered around this idea and are driving it forward.


Robert Reich worked with others to put together this fantastic quick video clip and website on the problems of inequality.   He also lays out key solutions.   Don’t miss this!

This video clip is 2 minutes & 30 seconds long and very informative.    (Robert Reich narrates):


After you watch the video, check out this companion website also has some really compelling stats and graphs.    More importantly, it lists issues and corresponding solutions very clearly.


(pause when the site loads and it will automatically take you to the myths and solutions page)




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