MY MIXTAPE: A wide variety of inspiring tunes.

Fiona Apple  –  “Extraordinary Machine”  –  FF to 1:30  –  powerful

The Pretenders  –  “Message of Love”  –  great lyrics

TV on the Radio  –  “Careful You

TV on the Radio  –  “Trouble

The Lumineers  –  “Ho Hey

Rage Against the Machine  –  “Bulls on Parade” – will get you off the sofa

Lo Fidelity All Stars  –  “Battleflag” – wait til it kicks in

Florence & the Machine  –  “Dog Days are Over

Cold War Kids  –  “First

Simple Minds  –  “Alive & Kicking

Kings of Leon  –  “Fans

R.E.M.  –  “Nightswimming

Julie London  –  “Cry Me a River

Bruce Springsteen  –  “The Rising

Lyle Lovett  –  “L.A. County

Frou Frou  –  “Let Go

Talking Heads  –  “Once in a Lifetime”  great lyrics

Tricky  –  “Black Steel”  (their powerful rendition of Public Enemy song)

Nas  –  “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”  –  Wow.  Talk about flow.  And Michael Jackson sample is perfect.

Public Enemy  –  “Fight the Power

KRS One  –  “Outta Here

The Hong Kong  –  “Tongue Tied

Radiohead  –  “Bodysnatchers

Kings of Leon  –  “Use Somebody

The 1975  –  “Chocolate” – fun pop

Cypress Hill  –  “Stoned is the Way of the Walk” – ignore the video and lyrics.  just listen to the groove.

The Killers  –  “Sam’s Town

Dave Matthews  –  “When the World Ends

Alanis Morissette  –  “Thank U”  –   She screwed up ironic.  Went to India & figured it out. . . and gave us this. . .

Snow Patrol  –  “Just Say Yes

Coldplay  –  “Warning Sign

Barenaked Ladies  –  “The Old Apartment

The National  –  “Fake Empire”  –  Stay out super late tonight. . . we’re half awake in a fake empire. . .

Coldplay  –  “Square One

Dave Matthews  –  “Crush

Bruce Springsteen  –  “Tunnel of Love

Marvin Gaye  –  “What’s Goin On

Marvin Gaye  –  “Mercy Mercy Me

The Five Stairsteps  –  “OOH Child” (live on Soul Train).  .  .  the promise of a better life for all. . .

Rolling Stones  –  “Miss You

John Lennon  –  “Watching the Wheels” (listen to the lyrics)

Rolling Stones  –  “Waiting on a Friend

Death Cab for Cutie  –  “Marching Bands of Manhattan

Live  –  “Heaven

Dave Matthews  –  “The Space Between

Vanessa Carlton  –  “Ordinary Day” – Guilty pleasure.  Dreamlike song.  Great lyrics.

Paul Simon  –  “Born at the Right Time”

Paul Simon  –  “Father and Daughter”

Peter Gabriel  –  “In Your Eyes”

Bob Marley  –  “One Drop”

Beastie Boys  –  “So What’cha Want” – Perfect soundtrack to Bozeman, Montana circa 1993

Tribe Called Quest  –  “Electric Relaxation” – “relax yourself with a preset plan”

Stereo MC’s  –  “Connected” – great lyrics

Roxy Music  –  “Avalon”

Phil Collins  –  “Take Me Home”

Johnny Cash  –  “Get Rhythm”  (What he says in this song is so spot on.  And it’s sort of the point of this mixtape in general).

Eddie Vedder  –  “Hard Sun”

Sinead O’Connor  –  “Black Boys on Mopeds” – Although she’s writing about 1980’s England, she captures the mood of America 2016 – 2018.

Dire Straits  –  “Brothers in Arms”

Kings of Leon  –  “Arizona”

Live  –  “Lightning Crashes”

Live  –  “The Dolphins Cry”

Live  –  “The Dam at Otter Creek” – What Pennsylvania felt like in the early ’90’s

Live  –  “Lakini’s Juice”

U2  –  “One Tree Hill”

The Doobie Brothers  –  “Here to Love You” –  Great lyrics that speak to these times in a positive way.,

Sting –  “Fields of Gold”  –  This song came on the radio once as the sun was just beginning to rise over the Tobacco Root Mountains on an icy cold Montana day.

Cibo Matto  –  “Sugar Water” –  Great groove.

Max Sedgley  –  “Slowly”  –  Another great groove.

Coldplay  –  “Midnight”.   You’re flying at 30,000 feet at night, returning home from a momentous trip.  The journey was so good that you left a little piece of you back there behind you.  You look out the window at the tiny lights below as you listen to this song.  And it feels good.    You look up and see the stars.  Each of them is a sun warming its own corner of the universe.  But from here they’re just tiny jewels in the clear night sky.

Coldplay  –  “Speed of Sound”

U2  –  “Where the Streets Have No Name”  –  Iconic song.   Great video.

Simon & Garfunkel  –  “The Only Livin’ Boy in New York”  –   Listen to this at the top of the Empire State Building sometime at night after a martini.

George Gershwin accompanying Woody Allen’s opening scene in one of the best films in the history of cinema:  “Manhattan”

Miles Davis  –  “Kind of Blue”  –  one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard

Chopin Nocturne E Flat Major Op.9 No. 2  (performed by Valentina Lisitsa)

Damien Rice  –  “The Blower’s Daughter”

Jeff Buckley  –  “Hallelujah”






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