I agree wholeheartedly with those who say that we need to get great democrats to run and we need to get out and vote for them. There are two additional points, though, that many people across the country seem to be missing. Millions of Democrats are trying to communicate these to other other Democrats. If we could just hear and embrace these two points, we could unify the Democratic Party and win:

a) In addition to candidates with charisma, integrity, intelligence and experience, we also need those same candidates to have platforms that mostly represent the people, not just corporations. That means they need to get the majority of their campaign money from people, not corporations. A candidate can be a great person with awesome charisma, a good heart, tremendous experience and skills, but if they don’t represent the people, our party will just continue on the 20 year path down the dark alley of corporate neoliberalism that chased away a significant chunk of our base (leaving them up for grabs by a fake populist). We ignored the interests of a significant number of people but somehow expected them to keep voting for us.

b) We say we need to support democrats at the state and local level. “Vote Democratic!” is the rallying cry. This is great. But I think we need to make sure that those same candidates meet the criteria described in item “a” above. Calling this a “purity test” is very unproductive in my view. If we care about the party, we will want candidates who live up to our long history of championing the people. If we say that favoring people’s interests over corporate interests is something that “isn’t important right now — we need to just have democrats win,” then we are going to keep losing. The people aren’t stupid.

Don’t believe me that our party needs to reprioritize? Check this out. It may make your jaw drop.


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