Take Your Mind for a Walk

THE LAST GASP OF PATRIARCHY AND CARTESIAN THOUGHT (Don't miss the four great video clips below.  They're the heart of this post). "Mindwalk is a 1990 film set at Mont Saint Michel, France. It's directed by Bernt Amadeus Capra and is based on the book The Turning Point by his brother Fritjof Capra (the author …

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This Blog’s Purpose

SUMMARY Each of us makes our own sense of the world.  We sometimes share that view in the hope of finding comraderie, common ground and even solutions.   In Reshad Feild's book "The Last Barrier", the teacher says to his student: "You have to put your message on the wind.  You never know who will …

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"THE LAST BARRIER" - Reshad Feild   "THE JOY OF LIVING" - Mingyur Rinpoche   "A LAMP IN THE DARKNESS" - Jack Kornfield   "AFTER THE ECSTASY, THE LAUNDRY" - Jack Kornfield   "THE FIRE NEXT TIME" - James Baldwin   "THE PRICE OF THE TICKET" - James Baldwin   "ANOTHER COUNTRY" - James Baldwin …

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A WHOLE NEW VIEW: How to Keep the Great Idea Alive

"Of course you can fix the fragment of a piece.  But then it will deteriorate because what it is connected to has been ignored." (From the film Mindwalk). We can no longer afford to look at the world in terms of isolated pieces. That is a deluded view of reality. Because the truth is that …

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