Pls wait a week or a month and then read this article I wrote if you have a chance. At least a few people in each of over 70 countries have read it (thanks to the magic of WordPress).

WE SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY HAPPY FOR A WEEK OR A MONTH & THEN REMEMBER THE BIG PICTURE & the major work that remains. THIS IS ABOUT THE MAIN THINGS WE CAN DO NEXT: Positive action. I’m so joyful about Biden beating Trump. We’ve beaten back fascism and the most extreme forms anti-environmentalism and racism. That’s wonderful and we should celebrate for a few days or even a month. Progressives can make way more progress under a Biden presidency (despite his shortcomings) than they can under fascism. But our work has just begun.

Let’s not forget that at the end of President Obama’s term, 50% of children lived at or near the poverty line, 20 individuals had as much wealth as half the nation, the ecosystem was collapsing and police officers were far more likely to kill a black man in custody than a white man (and there are dozens more alarming stats just like this). Having Biden in the White House is a wonderful thing compared to Trump and we have a much better place to work from. But Obama-Biden come from a part of the party that implemented neoliberal policies right alongside republicans that resulted in the stats described above. Congress is still owned by corporations and the wealthy and policy is still being shaped to benefit those narrow interests rather than benefitting people and the planet. These are hard things to hear, but, if you read the article I wrote / assembled below, I think you’ll see clearly what we’re up against here.

I will remain hopeful 🤞🏼 that Biden will appoint progressives to his cabinet, but you might want to get a whole bunch of stamps and paper just in case to write to him if he doesn’t. Cornel West and Sanders will hopefully have a voice in this administration even though they won’t be in the cabinet.

🔵 Let’s not forget that (putting aside the most extreme Trump supporters who voted for Trump in 2020), there are a lot of people who voted for Trump in 2016 (who did NOT vote for him in 2020) who agree with about 70% of Bernie Sanders platform. There is a coalition to be built there. A TRUE populist movement (not the fake corporate one). There are unfortunately many Democrats and elite wealthy folks and pundits (New Yorker magazine neoliberals) who decry populism in general and don’t believe in the people. They think elites know what’s best for the people. They dismiss true populism (they dismiss Sanders).

This podcast with Cornel West, Tricia Rose and Michael Moore really helps us understand what’s next, now that Joe Biden is going to be our president (so much better than Trump!!!!!!!! We progressives can work from here). Don’t miss this podcast . Seriously, wait a day, wait a week. Wait a month and celebrate, but then please watch this. This is the conversation we need to be having about what comes next.


🔴 For solid statistics and links from highly reputable sources that firmly back up my claim above about Democrats implementing neoliberal corporate policies benefitting corporations and the wealthy at the expense of people and the planet, please check out this article. I wrote it.

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