16 Great Protest Songs


Here are 16 great PROTEST SONGS.   Any suggestions for more top shelf protest songs are greatly appreciated!  ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

* Childish Gambino – “This is America”:  https://youtu.be/VYOjWnS4cMY

* Low Fidelity All Stars – “Battleflag”:  https://youtu.be/B99nd2iKGOw

* Rage Against the Machine – “Bulls on Parade”:  https://youtu.be/3L4YrGaR8E4

* Rage Against the Machine – “Killing in the Name”:  https://youtu.be/bWXazVhlyxQ

* Public Enemy – “Fight the Power”:  https://youtu.be/8PaoLy7PHwk

* Tricky – “Black Steel”:  https://youtu.be/9ZJTM03UByU

* The Five Stair Steps:  “Ooo-oo Child (things are gonna get easier)”:  https://youtu.be/_DHRGrIqmb0

* John Cougar Mellancamp – “Little Pink Houses”:  https://youtu.be/qOfkpu6749w

* Marvin Gaye – “Mercy Mercy Me”:  https://youtu.be/U9BA6fFGMjI

* Marvin Gaye – “What’s Goin’ On”:  https://youtu.be/H-kA3UtBj4M

* Ray LaMontagne – “Part of the Light”:  https://youtu.be/Weu0au2yzus

* Ray LaMontagne – “We’ll Make It Through”:  https://youtu.be/ZVfPu42wDvs

* Crosby Stills Nash & Young – “Ohio”:  https://youtu.be/TRE9vMBBe10

* Steppenwolf – “Monster”:  Suggestion: Steppenwolf “Monster”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk3sURDS4IA

*  Natalie Merchant – “Which Side Are You On?”:  https://youtu.be/HcaPvCLue7g

* Bruce Hornsby – “Look Out Any Window”:  https://youtu.be/cBSeEcFiTWA

* Bruce Hornsby – “The Way It Is”:  https://youtu.be/cOeKidp-iWo

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