Once something drains you all the way to the bottom, you realize what’s left is pretty solid. Someone once recommended attempting alchemy. They said it’s not easy. They said they’re not always able achieve it. They said they might not even achieve it 10% of the time. But they told me that, when you do achieve it, it’s pretty fucking great.

Like many, I’m now convinced that there’s no such thing as good or bad energy. It’s all just raw energy. And, if you’re in the zone, no matter how bad things are, you can harness that raw energy and use it for good. It powers you.

When you’re in the zone, you welcome whatever energy comes your way without judging it. It’s just fuel.

So you walk through the rain, head up, lightning flashing, wind driving the drops stinging straight into your face. And you smile calmly, stride forward confidently and say with a kind heart, bring it on motherfuckers.

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