NEW YORK TIMES: If You’re Not Afraid of Fascism, You Should Be


(1st of 3) Dire warning of where this country is heading. NYTimes Op Ed VIDEO CLIP: “I want you to be scared, because if you’re not worried about encroaching fascism in America, before long, it will start to feel normal & when that happens, we’re all in trouble,” says Yale professor Jason Stanley.

Item 2 of 3: Timothy Snyder on Tyranny: . This Yale professor and acclaimed author recently some very important instructions on how to deal with the rise of fascism here in this 5 minute interview on Bill Maher show. Hint: He recommends we deal with it EARLY. Don’t wait.

3rd of 3: “THE U.S. IS HEADED TO FASCISM” says Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. “Are we headed to fascism? Yes. I don’t think there’s a question,” the congresswoman told Yahoo News hours after she toured the detention facilities run by Customs and Border Protection.

“If you actually take the time to study, and to look at the steps, and to see how government transforms under authoritarian regimes, and look at the political decisions and patterns of this president, the answer is yes.”



We have a president with authoritarian tendencies who floats trial balloons about going further down the road towards authoritarianism. He just recently said with a raised eyebrow, ‘We should get rid of judges.” . . .

He’s already delegitimized the press as we’ve all seen. He’s already threatened numerous times to invoke emergency powers to gain additional powers. He’s already floated idea of serving more than two terms or becoming president for life and 40% of republicans polled said they would delay the 2020 election if he proposed doing so.

He’s just clicking his way down the fascist leader checklist. . .

(Link to info related to racist flier on right side of image at top. These fliers appeared in February 2019 on campus of Salt Lake Community College. )

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