While we were enthralled with Dallas, listening to “Every Breath You Take” and watching Ronald Reagan ride his horse, Carl Sagan was sending us a message. When will we listen to it?

Think about what Carl Sagan was telling us here way back in the early 1980’s. It’s been 35 years. Isn’t it about time we heard his message?

Ronald Reagan was president. Dallas was the most popular show on T.V.  The mobile phone had not yet been introduced. Leg warmers were a hot fashion trend.  Flashdance, Terms of Endearment and National Lampoon’s Vacation had just been released.  The final episode of M*A*S*H aired as 125 million people watched. The Police had just released “Every Breath You Take”.

****Do you remember where you were?  What you were doing?  Well at that moment, Carl Sagan was giving the world a boatload of wisdom. It’s probably about time we start listening.







Funny story.   Doesn’t relate to the topic other than the fact that it’s Carl Sagan.  When I was in college, Sagan spoke at my school.  Right as I was walking into the chapel to hear Sagan speak, my astronomy professor, Anthony Aveni (a friend of Sagan’s and a GREAT teacher) handed me an article.  It was hot off the presses and revealed Ronald Reagan’s famous statement about alien invasion from “outside in the universe”.   Reagan mused that it would be easier to find peace on this planet if we were attacked by alien invaders.   (Always a military solution! :).

During the Q & A, I raised my hand and asked Sagan about this.  He laughed.  He said he hadn’t heard it yet because he’d been traveling (this was before the days of everyone carrying a computer in their pocket linked to a magic web).    He said that this wasn’t the first time Mr. Reagan had wondered allowed about alien invasion.   I don’t remember the rest of what he said unfortunately (that was 29 years ago).  But I remember is was profound.   Here’s what I found when I researched his take on that topic:  “Sagan believed that a civilization with the technological prowess needed to reach the stars and come to Earth must have transcended war to be able to avoid self-destruction. Representatives of such a civilization would treat humanity with dignity and respect, and humanity, with its relatively backward technology, would have no choice but to reciprocate.



12 GOOD REASONS TO HAVE HOPE.   We’re going to turn this world around:  



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