THE MOST POWERFUL STORM EVER RECORDED OVER THE ATLANTIC OCEAN (and yet the governor of Florida STILL won’t allow any government officials in the state to discuss climate change).


Governor Scott will stand up there and warn everyone to board up their windows and evacuate.   But as the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic begins to bear down on Florida, Scott still won’t allow any state officials to discuss climate change.

This insane position is the result of a major campaign over the last decade by huge corporate polluters (oil companies, coal companies, the Koch brothers, the Mercer family, the Scaife family and others) to cast doubt on climate change. That gives politicians cover to not take action. Then when the storms roll in, their job is to pretend to care.

THE BAN (Miami Herald):


THE STORM (The Guardian):


THE DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN (The Washington Post): — The Cooler Heads have received more than $11 million in donations over the years from coal and oil companies. They’ve taken in tens of millions more from nonprofit foundations, such as those controlled by the wealthy Koch brothers, and the Scaife and Mercer families, according to interviews and Internal Revenue Service filings.


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