For the wealthiest 300,000 people in the U.S. (top .1%) & the politicians they back, things are going extremely well at the poker table. But what happens when the other 300,000,000 players realize the game is rigged?

For the top .1% of the country (the richest 300,000 people in the U.S.), everything is going EXTREMELY WELL.    They’ve successfully maneuvered the levers of power by slipping money to those running the poker game.   The result is that the cards are marked and the chips naturally fall their way most of the time.

The other 99.9% of us are playing poker at their rigged table without realizing it.   And we’re losing our shirts.    And our pants.   And our shoes and socks too.   We’re getting pummeled and most of our chips are gone.   Centrist political leaders (both Republican and Democratic) keep telling us to stay at the table.  “Don’t worry.  Everything will be fine.  I know those few guys keep winning, but it’ll trickle down eventually.  It always does.   I know the owners of this casino.  I was just up at a big political party with them in the Hamptons getting ready for the next election.   I know them well.   Maybe I could arrange for a room here at the Hotel D’NEOLIBERAL to be comped to you tonight.  How about that?   Things are gonna change for you soon.   I can feel it!”  

These are the same political leaders (republicans and democrats) who were at the poker table back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s telling all 300 million of us Americans, “Hey, did you know that your home has value? You could refinance it.  Take out a second mortgage.  Then you’d have some more cash to play longer.”   Anything to get you to stay in their game.

They dazzle you with hundreds of details and strategies to make it feel like you have so many options and paths to winning (if we enter a war this way or that, if we gave the rich this tax break or that, if we let corporations pollute this much or that much). . . It’s all just an incremental “do nothing” show.   All that energy focused on those details makes you lose sight of the big picture:   The fact that you’re getting your clock cleaned systematically and the chips keep flowing into the same few pockets.

Now here we are, down to our skivvies and the future doesn’t look bright.   We’ve been soldiering on it this rigged game for 20 years or more and the same few people keep winning.   Nothing is trickling anywhere.    What do Republican and Democratic political leaders say now after we’ve lost so much at their CASINO D’NEOLIBERAL?   I mean they’d have to say something pretty damn good after stringing us along for two decades while they shipped our good paying jobs over seas, pursued mass incarceration, took us into expensive and deadly regime change wars, eliminated the Glass Steagall Act thereby setting the stage for loss of jobs and homes in the 2008 financial crisis, pushed tax policy and trade policy that resulted in incredible income & wealth inequality with only 20 people at the top having as much wealth as the 150 million poorest people — half the country . . . . After all that, you’d think they’d have something really important to say, right?

So what are they telling us now?   “More of the same.   You just need to stay in it a little longer.   We’re going to make some small changes and then everything’s going to get better for you.   We have these centrist politicians we met up at a party a hedge fund manager threw at his beach estate.   They have some incremental changes they suggest that you really need to hear about.”

And so it goes, as the great Kurt Vonnegut would say.   And so it goes.


  • half of all children in America are living near the poverty line
    the ecosystem is collapsing (2/3 of all wild animals will be extinct by 2020 per the Guardian)
  • chunks of ice the size of states are breaking off the Antarctic ice shelf & climate change is happening faster than originally forecast (thanks corporate polluters)
  • the Wal Mart family has as much wealth as the poorest 40% of Americans. Oh, and their company – one of the nation’s largest employers – doesn’t pay a living wage and receives $6 billion a year in corporate subsidies from U.S. taxpayers (that’s us). How about them apples?
  • and corporations are making record high profits and paying record LOW taxes.

How about them apples?      But there’s some good news.    See NOTE below.

The following two links are just sources for above stats:      &



For more detail on how the game is rigged, please visit the 2 links below.   YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES WHEN YOU SEE WHAT REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN AGREEING ON FOR 20 YEARS:

The Top .1% (the 300,000 people in the U.S.) are Celebrating an Incredible Achievement

“The Most Destructive Policy You’ve Never Heard Of”


If you want some really good news (we totally have the power to turn this thing around), just click on this link:


NOTE:   The most powerful way to beat a rigged game is through non-violent direct action.   Peaceful action is always the best way.

I find it fascinating that the numbers in India were so similar to here. Here 300,000 people (the .1%) are trying to rule over 300 million Americans.

In India it was about the same. 100,000 British tried to rule over 300 million Indians. And what was the solution utilized by Gandhi and his supporters?  Noncooperation.

I love this 30 second clip from the film. This shows EXACTLY how we can turn this thing around, generally speaking.     This is pretty funny 🙂 

(WARNING:  If you’re running a rigged poker game, watch out for the bald guy with the little round glasses wearing a bed sheet).

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