Trump is awful & dangerous & must go. Question: What created the climate in which he and his hateful fascist ideology could thrive? Because, without that climate, he’d just be another guy ranting in a dive bar. (And with that climate, more demagogues & fascist followers will continue to pop up).

Trump is a dangerous fascist & must go.

When you want to get rid of something, it’s important to understand what gave rise to it.   It’s not enough to be against fire and run around putting out fires.   You also need to take the additional important step of eliminating policies or behavior that make fire more likely (especially if they’re your OWN policies).

The best way to fight fire is to eliminate the conditions that give rise to it.   You continue to keep putting fires out when they happen of course.   But, if you also engage in preventative measures, you start to see fewer and fewer fires in the first place.

Yep, when you want to get rid of something that’s awful and getting worse by the day, you have to understand what conditions are making it easy for it to thrive.   Otherwise you’ll be fighting a losing battle just trying to keep up with the terrible results rather than fighting a winning battle by cutting off its oxygen so it can no longer grow.

What created the climate in which Donald Trump and his hateful fascist ideology could thrive?   It’s important to know the answer to that question.  Because without that climate, Trump would just be another asshole ranting in a dive bar.  He wouldn’t be up there on the big stage spreading hate with millions listening to his every word.

Think about that.  Take a rock star off his $10 million stage with his incredible sound system and lights and put him and his band in a dive bar on a back road in upstate New York.   That band might play the same song.  But it’s only going to reach a few ears and won’t be such a  spectacle.

There have always been awful people like Trump.   But they haven’t always been elevated to superstar status where they could do damage.   What about this place and time makes us ripe for demagogues like him to rise?

Think back to the economic conditions in 1930’s Germany that made it possible for fascism to rise. . . Because people were suffering, they could be expoloited and divided by a demagogue like Hitler.   Hitler obviously flat out lied and offered easy answers.   “Are you suffering?  Well it’s because of THOSE people.”

Without those conditions, Hitler would have just been another horrible guy in a dive beer hall in Germany.

People are suffering here in the U.S.   50% of children in the U.S. live below or near the poverty line.   A study by the Atlantic showed that 47% of the people in the country are economically insecure and could not come up with $400 in an emergency.   Families were torn apart by the 2008 financial crisis (losing their jobs and homes) and by war (losing their loved ones in Iraq, Afghanistan and other regime change actions).

NAFTA shipped millions and millions of good paying jobs with benefits overseas and now many people have to work two jobs with no benefits for less pay and they still aren’t making ends meet.   Inhumane manitory minimum sentencing, mass incarceration policies and privatization of prisons have also devastated families and have brought us to a point that 1 out of every 100 people in the U.S. is in jail.

Wages for 99% of the country have been flat while the wealthiest citizens have seen their income grow exponentially.   As a result, wealth is so concentrated at the top that 20 people in the U.S. now have as much wealth as the poorest 150,000,000 citizens (half the nation).

Did all these conditions described above happen by accident?   No.  Not at all.   They were created.

Were they avoidable?    Yes.  Completely.

If that’s the case, maybe we should figure out what caused all those conditions so we can eliminate that cause.   Because then, we would not only eradicate an enormous amount of suffering.   We would also eliminate the conditions that allow fascism to thrive.    If we take action, guys like Trump could be just another jerks ranting in a roadside bar rather than a rock star on a huge stage mesmerizing millions and endangering the nation.

So what created these conditions that have brought so much suffering and gave rise to Trump and increased fascist activity in the U.S.?

What if I told you that most of that suffering was created by ONE POLICY PRACTICED BY BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS, A POLICY THAT MOST PEOPLE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF?    Would you want to know what that policy is so we can get about the business of eradicating it?

Well, here ya go.   Details on the policy and how to beat it at this link:


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