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This video clip is 2 minutes & 30 seconds long and very informative.    Narrated by Robert Reich.


After you watch the video, check out this companion website also has some really compelling stats and graphs.    More importantly, it lists issues and corresponding solutions very clearly:

MYTHS AND SOLUTIONS (pause when the site loads and it will automatically take you to the myths and solutions page)



That is the cancer of neoliberalism that has been plaguing much of the world.  And it’s been happening for decades right under our noses here in the U.S. (championed by both Republicans & Democrats), but we didn’t notice because marketing put such a happy face on it all.  We were also dazzled by all the shiny things available and the notion that maybe we could be rich someday.

We were told (and are still being told) that if big business and the wealthy had their “burdens” (responsibilities) reduced and were allowed to run free and unfettered, the resulting prosperity for them would trickle down to us.  Fewer regulations so they can pollute more (we citizens bear the cost of that).   Lower taxes for the rich and huge corporations and loopholes to avoid the paying of any taxes at all.     Meanwhile, taxes on the wealthiest citizens are now HALF of what they were in 1950’s.    (They used to pay 70% rate. . . back when we had strong public schools, built highways and bridges etc.).    And they need more of a break now when everyone else is hurting so much?


WE’RE CONTINUALLY TOLD THAT THE RICH NEED TO BE FAVORED SO THE ECONOMY CAN GROW.    BUT THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE.    Look at this!    Our growth rate averaged above 2% during the years where people of different incomes all saw their incomes increase.    But it was only an average of 1% during the years when all the gains went to the rich.


In recent years, gains have not been shared equally at all.  The top 1% of captured 91% of all real income.

Also consider corporate welfare.   Americans who make $50,000 a year pay $4,000 of it in subsidies to corporations (as opposed to $6.96 per year for welfare).   Are you sure you’re pissed at the right people?


It’s hard to believe, but most of us are all still believing in the lie of trickle down economics in its new shiny form:  Neoliberalism.

Political and corporate leaders tell us we have to let corporations and the rich be even more free of their responsibilities.   We believe them and agree.   We do so because we’re told it’ll pay off later.      And what’s even more astounding is that we aren’t even familiar with neoliberal ideology, that force that has blasted our lives and severely damaged the planet!   It’s certainly no accident that the policy isn’t mentioned.  Politicians and their corporate donors do their best to avoid bringing up the subject.   And 90% of the world’s press is now owned by 7 (seven) corporations.



A lot of democrats and republicans lament that it’s the education gap that separates the winners from losers.   That turns out to be bullshit too.   Look how the top 1% are doing.   Has nothing to do with being a college grad or not.    These people at the top are winning because they have cleverly pulled the levers of power to twist policy so most of the marbles roll into their pockets.   Don’t let the guy running the shell game keep distracting you with excuses.



Look what our high inequality is doing to us.   Because wealth is concentrated in the hands of such a small number of people, we have lousy upward mobility.   Other developed nations are WAY ahead of us in terms of people being able to work their way up because their game is not as rigged as ours and wealth is not as concentrated in the hands of a few.


More on inequality and “The Most Destructive Policy You’ve Never Heard Of” here — What if the loss of good jobs, inequality and concentration of wealth, damage to the environment & nazis in the streets are all simply the result of one bad policy (one we can change)?    Learn more here:



As it stands, Congress does not represent the interest of most of the people in this country.   Members of Congress really only represent corporations and the wealthy.  Princeton University now has the data to prove it (as shown in 1st short video clip below).

So many of the issues we face today (inequality, loss of good jobs, poverty, decline of the middle class, pollution and climate change) have their roots in this ONE problem.  Because of legalized corruption, only the interests of a few are being served at the expense of the many.  Those with enormous resources are paying to have the playing field systematically tilted in their favor so most of the marbles roll into a few pockets.

Solving this one root problem of corruption could save us a lot of time and energy fighting its symptoms.  It’s better to pull weeds than trim them every week. has gathered a growing base of support (currently numbering over 500,000) to fight the political corruption that is fueling this lack of representation.  When we discuss corruption, we need to keep in mind that we’re not talking about illegal activity.  That’s the problem:  In the U.S., corruption is legal (as you’ll see in the short video clips below). has a way to fix that corruption.

These videos are short, intriguing and explain things well in a clear & concise way that is highly shareable.  Please spread the word on social media etc. if you are so inclined.


Part I lays out the problem in detail:


Part II shows the solution:


And is ORGANIZING a grassroots effort which is key.   This isn’t just some videos.   Over 500,000 people have already gathered around this idea and are driving it forward.


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