Are these protests from 1999 (Seattle WTO), 2011 (Occupy Wall Street), 2016 (Standing Rock & Black Lives Matter) & 2017 (anti-fascism protests) making more sense now that the IMF has admitted the destructiveness of 20+ years of corporate neoliberalism? (All 5 protests resist the results of that 1 bad policy that promotes fascism & racism & puts corporate wishes above human needs & the earth).

Please see link below.

blacklivesmatter protester

IMG_1320 2

IMG_1323 2

IMG_1326 2















The DOZENS OF AMAZING PHOTOS at the top & bottom of this post really tell the story.   How do all these protests fit together?   They all resist the effects of the most destructive policy you’ve never heard of.  Click on this link to see that 1 policy that is responsible for so much of the suffering in the world.   We think these are all separate problems. But they all stem from one terrible policy:








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