Who deserves to be poor?

This program “Who deserves to be poor?” is produced by WNYC and it will blow you away.   If more people understood the information in this, it would completely change the debate.

Listening to this program could turn a conservative into a progressive.   It’s one portion of a 5 part series called “Busted:  America’s Poverty Myths”.

On a side note, it’s so strange that the same politicians whose corporate-friendly policies hollowed out the middle class are the ones now using moral arguments (about poor people deserving poverty) to justify undoing the safety net.    78% of people are now living paycheck to paycheck.   Nearly half of America’s children live below or near the poverty line.   Per the Atlantic, 47% of Americans couldn’t come up with $400 in an emergency.

People are highly vulnerable    Of those 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, many are one dead battery away from poverty.    To have the nerve to promote cutting the safety net for those 150 million Americans (half the country) is worse than cruel.   It’s disgusting.   And people that are voting for politicians promoting such an ideology should be ashamed of themselves.

Hollowing out the middle class and then preaching Puritanical moralism as a justification for gutting the safety net is like whacking someone’s legs out from under them with a huge crowbar, calling them lazy for not walking and then saying that, as a result of their laziness, you’re not taking them to the hospital.

Screw you Paul Ryan.   And everything you stand for you cruel, smug, judgmental prick.   Most people outgrow the soulless selfish ideology of Ayn Rand in their late teens.   You and millions of Americans are still stuck in that lie of a worldview where it’s “every man for himself “.   Your lack of maturity is resulting in policy that is causing suffering and death to children and adults around this country.    How dare you.

HERE’S THE POWERFUL WNYC PROGRAM “Who deserves to be poor?”. 


Here’s more key info & stats on poverty to check out after you listen to the WNYC program above:




12 REASONS TO HAVE HOPE:   We’re going to turn this world around.



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