Screw you Paul Ryan.

Bought off politicians championed corporate-friendly policies during the last 20 years that hollowed out the middle class, moved wealth upward (concentrating it in an extreme way at the top) and created more poverty.   Amazingly, these same corporate-owned political leaders are now using moral arguments to justify undoing the safety net.   If you listen carefully to their words, these politicians are making the argument that poor people deserve poverty.   They are doing this to justify gutting protections for those most vulnerable in our society.

People think that “those most vulnerable” is a tiny group.   It isn’t tiny at all.

The majority of U.S. citizens are highly vulnerable.   Of those 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, many are one dead car battery away from falling into poverty.  They’re in a precarious position and if anything goes wrong, they’re in a tight spot that can create a domino effect in their lives.  To have the nerve to cut the safety net for those 150 million Americans — half the country — (who might need it to keep their family from slipping into poverty) is worse than cruel.  It’s disgusting.  And people that are voting for politicians promoting such an ideology should be ashamed of themselves.

Hollowing out the middle class and then preaching Puritanical moralism as a justification for gutting the safety net is like whacking someone’s legs out from under them with a huge crowbar, calling them lazy for not walking and then saying that, as a result of their laziness, you’re not taking them to the hospital.

Screw you Paul Ryan. And everything you stand for you cruel, smug, judgmental prick. Most people outgrow the soulless selfish ideology of Ayn Rand in their late teens. You and millions of Americans are still stuck in that lie of a worldview where it’s “every man for himself “. Your lack of maturity is resulting in policy that is causing suffering and death to children and adults around this country. How dare you.

If you see Paul Ryan or any of the rest of his self-serving judgmental safety net cutters, tell them to read this post and shove their cruel destructive Calvinistic puritanical ideology where the sun doesn’t shine.

Here’s Paul Ryan arguing with a NUN about why he’s being a good Catholic by advocating policy that will hurt and kill people:


Check out this high quality info from WNYC.   It’s from the series “BUSTED:  America’s Poverty Myths.”    This is the second part of that 5 part series and it’s entitled “WHO SHOULD BE POOR?”  We’ve been debating policy based on myths and we see the results.    It’s time to get real.   Check this out.   Please share the link below to help bust these myths.  Then we can build strong policy based on reality.   Imagine that.   This piece at the link below is so powerful that it could turn a conservative into a progressive.


If anyone you know is skeptical that policies championed by bought off political leaders have caused millions to live on the edge of poverty, then tell them to fasten their seatbelt and check this out:


And if they suggest that welfare is always there to take care of people, remind them  that Republicans and Democrats joined together in the early 1990’s under Bill Clinton to pass so-called “welfare reform” which significantly gutted the program — thereby freeing up funds for tax breaks (for corporations and the wealthy) and for corporate welfare  later on.  (Wow.   “Welfare reform” is a perfect example of neoliberal corporatism).

So welfare is NOT always there for people.    Tell those skeptical friends to look up the effects of that “welfare reform”.    Man, we live in a cruel damn country and what makes it worse is that people don’t even realize the depth of the cruelty being practiced by the politicians they are voting for.   It’s time for us Americans to wake the %#$& up.


Almost half of Christians think poor people are lazy.


Huffington Post – Christians think poor people lazy.


There’s plenty of hope though.   Check these out:

Don’t despair. We can TOTALLY beat this and turn this world around. We not only have way more power than we think, we actually hold all the cards!


GREAT Quotes that inspire hope.




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