The Rise & Fall of Neoliberalism: “The Idea that Changed the World”

There’s a brand new article on neoliberalism in the Guardian (see link between the dotted lines near the bottom of this post).  Republican & Democratic leaders & their parties have followed a neoliberal agenda for over 20 years. Look where it’s gotten us. Isn’t it time for us to follow a human agenda instead of a corporate agenda?  Neoliberalism is “the reigning ideology of our era – one that venerates the logic of the market and strips away the things that make us human.”

“Three senior economists at the IMF. . . published a paper questioning the benefits of neoliberalism. . . The paper gently called out a ‘neoliberal agenda’ for pushing deregulation on economies around the world, for forcing open national markets to trade and capital, and for demanding that governments shrink themselves via austerity or privatisation. The authors cited statistical evidence for the spread of neoliberal policies since 1980, and their correlation with anaemic growth, boom-and-bust cycles and inequality.”

“Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, it was said, had abandoned the left’s traditional commitments, especially to workers, in favour of a global financial elite and the self-serving policies that enriched them; and in doing so, had enabled a sickening rise in inequality.”

Those are excerpts from the powerful article at the link below.  Check it out to get context on why we’re in the situation we find ourselves in today and how to fix it.

Hint:  It’s time to stop letting corporations buy our congressman.   It’s time to enact campaign finance reform, enact legislation to overturn Citizens United, eliminate corporate personhood status, reinstate Glass Steagall, strengthen regulation to prevent corporatism from exploiting humans and the earth and stop following a corporate agenda.




Isn’t it time for Republican and Democratic leaders and their parties to follow a doctrine that prioritizes the interests of actual human beings?

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Here’s the article on neoliberalism that just came out in THE GUARDIAN:

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