WARNING: THIS AUDIO CLIP PROVIDES REAL CONTEXT FOR WHAT’S GOING ON IN THIS NATION RIGHT NOW. Powerful & spot on. Fascism, progressivism, neoliberalism, austerity & the future of our grandkids explained effortlessly in only 2 minutes :)

This 2 minute audio statement is a much stronger analysis of current events than you’ll hear almost anywhere else.   And the guy pulls it off in 2 minutes.  Admirable.  

The clip is in the youtube window at the very bottom of this post.   But please read a few items first so you have context:

First of all, this short statement is a FASCINATING take on the false equivocation of fascists on right and progressives on left.    But it goes much further, providing a broad context for the events that are unfolding before our very eyes.    The icing on the cake, though, (and the real genius of this statement) is that it’s also a powerful indictment of the policies that have created a climate in which fascism & racism historically flourish.  Talk about getting to the bottom of things. . .  And, what will really blow you away is the realization that these policies have been championed by our very own two major political parties for the last 20 years.   That’s a lot to pack into 2 minutes.    But the speaker pulls it off.

The statement also offers an important caution to those of us who are thinking incrementally. Fascism creeps into gaps.  And 20 years of corporate neoliberalism practiced by Republicans and Democrats has left a LOT of gaps and insecurity.   (If you don’t know what neoliberalism is, DON’T WORRY.   Most people don’t).   






  • The first group the speaker talks about is the neo Nazi far right. He despises them and everything they stand for. At the end he refers briefly to progressives and anti-fascists. He makes a very powerful statement indicting those who draw a false equivalency between the two.    NAZIS ARE AWFUL.   FASCISTS ARE AWFUL.   RACISM, FASCISM AND NAZISM MUST BE CONFRONTED AND DEFEATED WHEREVER IT ARISES.    We should also do our best to keep from championing policies that result in economic insecurity (a climate that breeds Nazis, racists and fascists).    None of those conditions EXCUSES Nazis, racists and fascists.   The thing is, if you’re going to try to reduce the number of fires in your community, fighting fires after they start is not enough.   It’s NECESSARY for sure — and you should fight those fires with all your heart.  But you have to do even more.   You have to also take prevention seriously.


  • At the center of his 2 1/2 minute statement is the issue of neoliberalism which many contend has brought us to this moment of economic desperation similar to 1930’s. Such conditions historically have provided fertile ground for divisive leaders who divide the public by exploiting their economic insecurity and luring them to blame other groups.


  • It is vital to fight racism and fascism non-violently wherever it rears its ugly head. But it’s also vital to take the additional step of addressing the underlying factors that have proven throughout history to create the conditions that make racism and fascism more likely. It’s great to be against fire. But it’s even better to take the additional step of stopping policies that make fire more likely.


  • Both republicans and democrats have supported corporate-friendly neoliberal policies during the last 20 years and we have seen the results (extreme and ever-increasing wealth inequality, flat real wages for most of the nation for decades while, during the same period of time, the wealthy and corporations are growing exponentially rich).  The game has been rigged.  The playing field has been systematically tilted such that the marbles mostly roll into the pockets of a few.   How do corporations and the wealthy rig the game in their favor?   By buying political leaders who then champion neoliberal policies.   It sure sucks that the rest of the population not only has to endure economic insecurity.   And it adds insult to injury that that economic insecurity, in addition to causing all kinds of suffering, also creates the conditions in which racism and fascism flourish.    Corporations and the super wealthy (along with their bought off Republican & Democratic politicians) sure have made a mess of things over the past few decades championing neoliberalism.    And the bizarre twist is that most of the 99% of the population that are suffering under neoliberal policies don’t even know what the term neoliberalism means.



But don’t despair.   We can turn this thing around.    If you need a little lift after listening to this 2 minute analysis, just click on these two links, they’ll give you lots and lots of hope.   There is some huge GOOD NEWS:    We actually have a LOT more power to stop this than we realize.     🙂






OK – HERE’S THE 2 MINUTE AUDIO STATEMENT.   The speaker is Matt Christman.   The audio clip begins with discussion of the motivations of right wing fascists:   Know your enemy.

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